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2016 Exhibition: New Paintings

Toronto Life, March 2016

Landscape paintings are not, in truth, windows to the outside world, however much we might wish it to be true. They are mere illusions of painterly materials and techniques that can only allude to the actual scene they represent. I choose to paint landscapes in a multi-panel format because I wish to create a balance between the truth of the painting as an object on the wall and the lie of the painting as a window through the wall. I extend the image around the unframed edges of the canvas in order to emphasize the true nature of the painting: of it being merely a finite, handmade object hanging on the wall. The vacant space between the canvases serves to remind us of this conflict by dividing the scene; by "cutting" it. The realism of the painted image counteracts this, as it always does, by fooling us with its beautiful illusion.

-Nathan Birch 2016

Nathan Birch was born in 1978 in Lansing, Michigan and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Birch's work is included in numerous private and corporate collections throughout North America including Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Canada Council for the Arts; Colart Collection, Montreal; Effort Trust, Toronto; Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts; Granite Club; Hotel Georgia, Vancouver; OPSEU Pension Trust; Scotiabank; Shaw Communications and TD Bank Group.

Nathan Birch currently lives and works on Vancouver Island, BC.



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