"How can we pretend to understand art if we don't feel it, if we don't let ourselves be affected by what we have seen? 
The receptiveness we bring to listening to a concert should not be less for the contemplation of a work of art."  
Agnès Lefort
"Lefort's was the only gallery on fashionable Sherbrooke Street that attracted the French Canadians,
who are at home in the place and adore the fact that they're dealing with a human being, not simply an efficient salesman."
Michael Forster  
"Young French Painters in Montreal"  Canadian Art Magazine, 1951


For over seven decades Mira Godard Gallery and its predecessor Galérie Agnès Lefort have supported and worked directly with many of Canada's most important artists and artists' estates.


We advise on buying and selling art. Our unparalleled experience and our understanding of the art market enables us to most effectively study and analyze the transactions before advising what is best.


We have enjoyed long-standing relationships with collectors and encourage clients to visit and discuss all aspects of the art world. It should not be an intimidating experience and should be something we enjoy doing. 


In today's ever more complicated world where information comes at you from all directions, it can be difficult for a collector to understand what is important and what is just noise. There is a host of hazards not immediately obvious even to some of the most experienced collectors. We encourage our clients to ask the difficult and basic questions.  


At Mira Godard Gallery, we seek to protect our clients against these risks and we provide comprehensive and specialized advice to help maximize the potential of a collection.


Whether a work is being considered from a gallery, private dealer, collector or auction, we help clients avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes by providing unbiased and dependable advice allowing collectors to make prudent judgements about their purchases and de-accessioning.


We work closely with private and corporate collectors as well as museums across Canada and we offer the following services:




    Mira Godard Gallery offers advice when acquiring or deaccessioning works of art. 

    Whether you are starting to collect or someone who has collected over many years, we assist with gallery purchases as well as sourcing our extensive network of industry colleagues and auction houses.



    Mira Godard Gallery is committed to keeping privacy a top priority. We deal in private sales of works not necessarily listed on our website.  

    We specialize in providing a discreet alternative to buying and selling at auction. We can assist with the sale of a single work of art or an entire collection or estate.



    Our insight and experience allow us an insider's perspective of the auction process which can be opaque. We can advise on the purchase or sale of a work of art and can act on behalf of a buyer or seller.

    When a client is looking to sell a single work or a collection at auction, we offer advice as to the best time and place to sell. We recommend which auction house would be most appropriate and negotiate the most advantageous terms.

    When a client is considering purchasing a work offered at auction, we provide an analysis of the work being considered. Condition and provenance are key considerations as inconsistencies are not uncommon. We will also research a works' importance and rarity. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most complete and accurate information about any potential acquisition or divestment.

    Many collectors prefer anonymity when buying and selling works of art. We protect our clients' privacy while making sure they receive professional and impartial advice to help achieve the best possible outcome.



    Mira Godard Gallery provides written appraisals and we also work with certified professional appraisers who work with integrity and strictly on behalf of the client for works outside our areas of expertise. 

    We help with acquisitions or advise on selling individual works or entire collections. We also advise on estate planning.



    Mira Godard Gallery is able to help museums request exhibition loans from private collectors.

    We are experienced in handling museum deaccessions and work closely with institutions and curators regarding the deaccessioning and private sales of works from museums.



    Mira Godard Gallery works with professional restorers and framers and advises on all aspects of restoration and framing. Our competent and experienced colleagues are dedicated to the highest standards.    

  • Mira Godard Gallery is experienced in advising on the sale, donation or estate planning of works providing unbiased advice on the options available.


    Mira Godard Gallery's philosophy, established over seven decades ago, of supporting Canada's important artists and their markets, continues to this day.


    We specialize in primary and secondary market works.

    Confidential and private consultations by phone or in person can be arranged. 


    We handle many private sales of works not featured on our website.

    Please contact the gallery if you are looking to buy or sell.


    We look forward to working with you,


    Gisella Giacalone


    Mira Godard Gallery

    416 964 8197