Mira Godard Gallery is proud to offer various books and articles depicting the works and lives of its represented artists. Books noted on the website can be purchased at the gallery.


Ed Bartram

Ed Bartram: Rockscapes of Georgian Bay

Ed Bartram, Joan Murray

February 24, 2014

Ed Bartram discusses his art and relationship to Georgian Bay. Since the early 1970s Bartram has created a series of prints, paintings and photographs reflecting the land and rocks and his connection to the Precambrian Shield

colville, alex colville

Alex Colville


David Burnett


Colville by Andrew Hunter

Alex Colville


Andrew Hunter

Newest edition published: June 27, 2017

The exhibition catalogue honours Alex Colville and explores his continuing impact in art, film, literature and music. The book features over 100 reproductions


Group Exhibition

20/20 Spirit Doubles

Mira Godard Gallery

March 7 - 28

Mira Godard Gallery's group exhibition, *20/20 Spirit Doubles* is a reflection of the artists' perspectives and influences - ten artists and their "spirit doubles". The concept of spirit doubles can be traced back to ancient Egypt and was present in many cultures and referenced in ancient legends, artworks and books. This exhibition features the work of Lindee Climo, Holly Farell, Tom Forrestall, Colin Fraser, David Milne, Phil Richards, Jeremy Smith, Takao Tanabe, Michael Thompson and Richard York. The exhibition catalogue, with essay by Dr. Eva Seidner, is available at Mira Godard Gallery.


Group Exhibition

Artist and Model

Mira Godard Gallery

March 21 - April 18, 2015

Mira Godard Gallery’s 2015 group exhibition explores the relationship between artist and model. The show included artists; Simon Andrew, Lindee Climo, Alex Colville, Joe Fafard, Colin Fraser, Peter Harris, Andrew Hemingway, Fabian Jean, Peter Krausz, David Milne, Lilias Torrance Newton, Mary Pratt, Phil Richards, Jeremy Smith, Michael Thompson and Frederick H. Varley. Essay by Dr. Eva Seidner


Group Exhibition

The Self-Portrait Show

Mira Godard Gallery

March 24 - April 21, 2012

In 2012, Mira Godard Gallery celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with The Self-Portrait Show, a show exhibiting the works of sixteen gallery artists - Simon Andrew, Victor Cicansky, Lindee Climo, Alex Colville, Joe Fafard, Colin Fraser, Lucian Freud, Fabian Jean, Andrew Hemingway, Peter Krausz, David Milne, Christopher Pratt, Mary Pratt, Phil Richards, Jeremy Smith and Takao Tanabe. Essay by Dr. Eva Seidner


Tom Forrestall

Tom Forrestall: Paintings, Drawings, Writings

Tom Smart

July 11, 2018

The book presents the range, depth and poetry of Tom Forrestall’s work and explores the development of his characteristic realist style, the genesis of his shaped paintings and the artist’s spirituality as expressed directly and symbolically in the imagery

Tom Forrestall

Tom Forrestall: Recent Works

Mira Godard Gallery

June 25 - September 10, 2016

Alex Colville

"Alex Colville: Love in a Cold Climate,"
Canadian Art

David Balzer

September 4, 2014

Alex Colville

"From the Archives: A Visit with Alex Colville,"
Canadian Art

Hans Werner

September 1, 1987

Alex Colville

"An Appreciation: What Made Alex Colville’s Work So Unique?,"
The Globe and Mail

Jill Mahoney

July 17, 2013

Alex Colville

"Review: Alex Colville's Tremendous, Dark Vision (with video),"
Ottawa Citizen

Peter Simpson

April 23, 2015

Alex Colville

"Alex Colville, Leading Canadian Artist, Dies at 92,"
The New York Times

William Yardley

July 21, 2013

Peter Harris

"This Toronto Painter Creates Moody Hyper-Realistic Cityscapes,"
Toronto Life

Allie Downham

March 28, 2019