Andrew Hemingway

It is easy to forget we are seeing pastel on board when looking at the cup and paintbrush in Andrew Hemingway's Still Life: Artist's Cup and Washed Brush (2017). Hemingway's pastel paintings are better than the real thing: they lure our eyes and imagination into a space that dematerializes as we become more intimate. Getting closer, looking longer, the image transforms into abstract glazes and discrete marks that are more than a parlour game of visual mimicry. Hemingway's special ordinary things shift from the mundane to the universal through the intelligence and empathy we bring to every encounter.


Gregory Humeniuk

ANDREW HEMINGWAY was born in Yorkshire, England in 1955. He attended the Barnsley School of Art and the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in London, earning a degree in Fine Art and Art History. In 1976 he received bursaries to study in Florence and Rome and in 1978, won a Norwegian scholarship to study in Oslo.

Hemingway has exhibited extensively at Mira Godard Gallery for over thirty years. He has also exhibited in the United States, Asia, and Europe. His work is in numerous international corporate and private collections including: Deutsche Bank; The Duke of Devonshire; Goldman Sachs; the Halifax Building Society and Bank; Nestle International, Switzerland; the Travelstead Company, New York; and the Yorkshire Building Society.

Andrew Hemingway lives and works in Yorkshire, England.


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